Eco-embroidery Prices

Here are our bulk production prices for embroidery using rayon thread, rayon bobbin thread and a non-plastic backing for a fully biodegradable, plastic-free embroidery solution. 


Digitization of your artwork (separation and rearrangement into thread colours and stitches) is a complicated process and costs £25.00 per design.


Most designs require custom colours and we hold a wide range of stock so that we can match colours as closely as possible.  Embroidery machines (especially multi-head embroidery machines) take a considerable time to rethread from one colour to another.

A colour setup charge of £7.50 is applied to any custom colour (not including black and white). Each bulk price break brings a free colour set up.

30 = 1 colour, 60 2 colours 90, 3 colours etc.


  0-7000 stitches +250 stitches      
30+ 2.30 0.07      
60+ 2.05 0.07      
90+ 1.90 0.06      
150+ 1.80 0.06      








A typical embroidery design on a T-shirt (usually left breast or centre) would between 5,000 and 10,000 stitches and between 70–110mm in height or width.  

For caps and beanies, most designs would be 5,000-10,000 stitches, although it depends on the density of stitches as well as the area it covers.  The maximum height on the front of a caps or beanie would be between 55-60mm depending on the hat style.  Width on a beanie may be up to about 60-80mm but this can be greater on caps as the cap frame rotates.


We recommend that you order a sample before going ahead with a bulk order, as your design will not look the same in stitches as it does on a computer screen.  Sample costs start from £24.00.  The garment or bag price is not included in the sample cost and is additional.


All prices are in GBP and exclude VAT, which is applied to all UK orders.

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