Our Purchasing Policy

(This is the short version that we all follow, with every purchase)


1. Is it possible to purchase a second-hand version of the required equipment?  Is that appropriate

2. Is there another version that will be more durable and last longer?

3. If electric equipment, is there a more energy efficient model?  (We do not purchase equipment that uses fossil fuels such as gas.)

4. Is there a plastic-free or biodegradable version?

5. Is there a recycled version?

6. Is it vegan?  (We only source vegan products.)

7. Is there a Fairtrade version?

8. Is there a certified organic version?

9. Is there another version that will contain less chemicals/ be less harmful to the environment?

10. Can it be purchased locally?

11. Can we purchase from an independent seller?

12. Can it be recycled or reused at the end of its life?

13. Do we really need it?

14. Could we do the job in another way?  

15. Could we reduce the amount of this product that we use?


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