Many companies still use plastic-based polyester thread for their thread and backing.  We weren't comfortable adding virgin plastic to the world so waited until alternatives became available.  We developed the world's first vegan and plastic-free embroidery service in 2020.


Even more sustainable with Sensa Green!

Sensa Green thread is currently the most eco-friendly, plastic-free embroidery solution out there. We’ve made the switch to keep your brand ahead of the curve.


So what do you need to know?

Sensa Green is made from TENCEL Lyocell, which is a form of rayon. Rayon, like bamboo, is made from wood pulp. It sounds ideal BUT there’s a downside.

Rayon is normally considered semi-synthetic because strong chemicals are required to extract and process the fibres. This chemically-intensive part of the process must be properly managed to prevent harm to the environment. Some ethical brands avoid rayon completely, so as not to encourage the use of rayon that might be produced recklessly.

Sensa Green is different as the wood fibre extraction is carried out via an award-winning closed loop process, which prevents the discharge of harmful chemicals. 

madeira sensa green lyocell thread is vegan and biodegradable


The Sensa Green Lowdown

* 100% TENCEL Lyocell

* Trees sourced from sustainably managed forests

* Forests are watered by rain and pesticide-free

* Fibre extraction in a closed-loop system

* Energy recovery for climate-neutral thread dying

* All chemicals are REACH and Oeko-Tex compliant


With I Dress Myself embroidery

* Biodegradable backing from wood pulp

* 100% renewable electricity

* 100% biodegradable

* 100% plastic-free

* 100% vegan and cruelty free


Sensa Green thread is considered to have a matt sheen and is super soft.  It's made from high quality raw materials to ensure it is strong and durable and we embroider using the best quality Barudan embroidery machines so that you can feel confident that you have the best . 


What's not to love?!


how DO I place MY order?

1. SELECT your product below

Our embroidery MOQ is 30 per print run.  Choose your blank product from our sustainable garment catalogue below.


Upload your aw and order details and place your order online.  We'll digitise your artwork and send over a PDF proof to confirm size, thread colour(s) & position.


We'll then custom embroider your products and ship them to you via courier.

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Upload or email your digital artwork file at actual print size as


vector SVG, EPS or PDF or/

raster 300dpi PNG or JPG


Your artwork will require digitizing to recreate your design in stitches.  Digitizing costs £25+VAT per design, which includes a stitch out (run test) of the embroidery and further adjustments to improve the look. 

If you choose to use the same design at a different size or on a different product type, e.g. caps or beanies, it will constitute another embroidery run and may need to be digitized again at the new size. 


We'll email over a PDF proof so that you can confirm that you're happy with the way that your artwork has been translated into stitches and confirm that you are happy with thread colours, size and positioning.

Artwork Guidelines
I Dress Myself - screen printing using eco-friendly inks
I Dress Myself digital Direct to Garment (DTG) printing with GOTS organic inks
I Dress Myself relabelling organic cotton hem tags
I Dress Myself presale campaigns and fulfillment
I Dress Myself use plastic free biodegradable T-shirt boxes
I Dress Myself - Stanley/Stella sustainable garment supplier


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