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We were the first to put our money where our mouth is and moved exclusively to working with eco-friendly water based inks in 2007.  We've grown a fair bit since then but have held to our original aim of making high quality garments in the most ethical way possible.


Everything is printed with water-based pigment inks or embroidered with threads made from wood pulp and we only offer organic cotton or recycled garments so you can be confident that your garments will fit your brand values.


All of our processes are certified to conform to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and we have the highly prestigious 'brand' status that means we can label GOTS-approved runs with GOTS.

I Dress Myself - screen printing using eco-friendly inks
I Dress Myself digital Direct to Garment (DTG) printing with GOTS organic inks
I Dress Myself eco-embroidery on cap with wood pulp rayon thread and no plastic
Stanley Stella UK dealer Europe

We are proud to partner with Stanley/Stella. Sourcing their garments makes so much sense to us, our customers and our planet. The garment styles and colours look great, print beautifully and last well.


Like us, Stanley/Stella don't do anything by halves - everything they provide is sustainable, Fair Wear and vegan. All cotton is GOTS certified organic. You can be confident that your money is supporting ethical practices and responsible cotton farming.


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know your value

Your values are important! When you use our sustainable print and embroidery methods, you can live your values and show your heart.

Sustainable garments look great, last well and make a positive statement about your brand.

say no to THE NASTIES 

Say no to all types of plastisol ink. 

Say no to harmful discharge ink.

Say no to pesticides killing hundreds of thousands of farmers each year. 

Say no to increasing carbon emissions.

We know you care and we care too!

Ethics and sustainability inform every business decision we make.

be ahead of the curve

We are pioneers in sustainable print. When you partner with us, we will help you make the best choices for your brand.  

First to only use eco-friendly water based inks.  

First to develop a fully plastic-free embroidery service.

First to calculate and offset all carbon emissions all the way through our supply chain.


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